10 Restaurants for your Iftar Gatherings at The Avenues!

Going out with a large group of friends and don’t know where to go? We’ve chosen ten restaurants for your next gathering during Ramadan.

Written By The Avenues Insider

09 Apr, 2023

They say friends who eat together, stay together. It’s always a fun idea to go out with your friends and family for food, engage in conversations, share laughter, and create memories, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.  But we know the pain of finding a restaurant big enough for large groups, so our team did the hard work for you and compiled a list of restaurants with the ideal atmosphere that could accommodate larger groups.

So, here’s a list of 10 restaurants at The Avenues that you can choose from when organizing your next Iftar gathering! 


If you fancy having your iftar outdoors but don’t trust the weather – give Masgouf a try. Located in the Gardens district, you’ll be surrounded by greenery in a spacious seating area eating delicious food for your iftar, the perfect trifecta! 

Location: The Gardens

Amiti Noura

Do you love homemade food, but you’re also in the mood to go out? Then you should check out Amiti Noura. As the name suggests, eating at Amiti Noura will feel like you’re eating at your favorite aunt’s house! From the traditional interior, spacious seating area, and aromatic flavors, every step you take inside the restaurant will feel like home.

Location: The Souk


This restaurant is especially for foodies who love duck, chicken, and grills! Roto not only offers a menu with many delicious options, but its seating is also spacious for large groups, where you’ll get the opportunity to have an al fresco iftar.  

Location: 2nd Avenue – Ground Floor

Villa Fairouz

For Lebanese cuisine enthusiasts, Villa Fayrouz is for you! Known for its family ambiance, it is a great option for large gatherings due to its spacious and elegant interior. As for the food, you’ll find all your favorite dishes, from hot and cold mezze to delectable grills, it’s got it all.

Location: 2nd Avenue – Ground Floor


Want to celebrate a happy occasion? Well, you can never go wrong with Bebabel! It is a gatherings-favorite thanks to its delicious menu and spacious seating area which helps groups enjoy a unique experience of fine Lebanese cuisine. 

Location: 2nd Avenue – Ground Floor


Japanese food lovers, this one’s for you! Serving steak, seafood, and sushi, the restaurant stands out with its dark interior design and different atmosphere. Fun fact, did you know that you can reserve your own hibachi grill for the chef to cook your favorite meals? If that wasn’t fun enough to watch as a group, Benihana also has a 'family room' that you could reserve which takes up to 12 people for a different type of iftar.

Location: 2nd Avenue - Ground Floor


Other than serving delicious Italian cuisine, Lino’s open space seating helps accommodate large groups, so diners could enjoy their food together without feeling cramped.

Location: 2nd Avenue - First Floor


 This restaurant is for your group of friends who enjoy the finer things in life. Promising a fine dining experience, Joe is not only a great option for its glamourous interior décor, but also for its delicious menu including signature steaks using premium grass-fed Australian black Angus beef.

Location: Prestige – First Floor

Big Chefs

This restaurant is ideal for large groups with different tastes in food! With its International menu and prime location, Big Chefs should definitely be on your list to try for your next gathering, promising delicious food and a cozy ambiance.

Location: The Gardens, next to Queezeen

Dean and Deluca

One place you can't go wrong with is Dean and Deluca, the perfect spot for large groups, and with an international menu, there's a dish for everyone! Located in 2nd Avenue, their 'outdoor' seating is a great spot to have your Iftar al-fresco style with people walking next to you. 

Location: 2nd Avenue - Ground Floor


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