7 Habits of Productive People

A few tips to ensure a more productive day

Written By The Avenues Insider

04 Oct, 2021

Nothing beats that euphoric feeling of going to bed after having that odd productive day, and it makes you think, ‘what if I was this productive every day?’

The truth is, most people aren’t as productive as they could be, and it could be because we live in a time filled with distractions that’s we’ve all become more prone to being distracted. Being productive starts from the inside, but a little help never hurts!

So, we’ve decided to ask efficient people the most productive habit that works for them, here are the top 7 habits they’ve shared: 



1.   Clear Your Distractions

You know when you decide to clean your room, but you take so long because you get distracted by everything else? That’s what clutter does to you. A messy room or workspace tends to be distracting, so is having your phone right next to you or an unfinished task. Try to clear those distractions by taking care of them and clearing your mind so you’re able to concentrate better.

2.   Organize Your Week Ahead

Organizing your week ahead is a trick used to keep yourself busy, and when you’re busy you’re less likely to procrastinate and forget important tasks.

3.   Have No More Than 3 Tasks on Your To-Do List

Those to-do lists could be fun to fill, but a long list of chores could actually have the opposite of the desired effect. If you’re unable to finish all the chores, it could make you more anxious and ultimately procrastinate. So have no more than 3 tasks you’re sure you can finish that day.


4.   Manage Your Expectations/ Don’t Aim for Perfection

If you’re a perfectionist, chances are you’ll have unattainable expectations that will lead to you procrastinating. Managing your expectations and accepting that perfection does not exist can help you accomplish much more.


5.   Get Better at Saying No

Wanting to help is a great virtue but overworking yourself by saying yes to tasks and plans you believe could be a burden will only hurt your productivity. Learn to say no to plans and tasks that are not a priority and that you know you cannot afford to waste your time on. 


6.    Stop Multitasking
Even if you think you can multi-task, avoid that habit. Research has shown that multitask could impede your cognitive activity. Try effectively focusing on one task at a time and allowing yourself to direct all your time and energy into it to produce the best results.

7.   Take Frequent Breaks

Unless you’re a robot, you simply cannot work continuously for hours efficiently. That’s why it’s important to take frequent breaks, research shows that a break approximately every hour is ideal, to recharge your brain. One tip is to schedule your breaks, to avoid getting distracted for too long. 


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