8 Kuwaiti-Owned Restaurants to Try this Weekend at The Avenues!

Written By The Avenues Insider

28 Nov, 2023

If there’s anything that makes Kuwait shine, it’s the food. Whether local cuisine or international restaurants, there are all types of foods to happily feed the hungriest bellies! We however think that the real superstars are Kuwait’s very own Kuwaiti concepts.

We’ve decided to round up a few of the Kuwaiti concepts in The Avenues for you to try. 

Amiti Noura

Just like eating at your aunt’s house, Amiti Noura promises a cozy atmosphere and delicious, aromatic Kuwaiti comfort food – so you can expect to find all your favorites, from the Machbous to Murabian, Amiti Noura won’t disappoint. Much like your aunt’s home, Amiti Noura always welcomes you for an unforgettable traditional experience.

Location: The Souk 


Inspired by the golden era of Kuwait, Midar provides its visitors with a nostalgic and authentic seafood experience, taking you back to the day when fish was caught fresh and cooked from the heart. Unlike many seafood restaurants, Midar’s menu largely depends on the catch of the day which can be either cooked or fried. 

Location: The Gardens


B+F is an upscale, casual-dining restaurant featuring an open-fire charcoal grill that promises guests more than just great food, but a delicious culinary experience. Its international menu, though limited, is carefully selected and cooked to perfection!

Location: The Forum


Café Bazza

If you love the Souk district as much as we do, you know that it’s home to many delicious local concepts. One of our favorites is Café Bazza! Not only is the food really good, but it’s also a great option if you’re a group of friends who want to eat delicious food. PS: If you’re at work and thinking about getting breakfast for the team, then we recommend their ‘Ryooq Al Dawam’.

Location: The Souk 


At this point, who hasn’t tried PICK yet? This Kuwaiti concept idea came from a need to have healthy food on the go by Jassem AlDuaij and Bader AlOqaili. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but there’s also a great variety to choose from, from burgers, salads, soups, and wraps to healthy smoothies and desserts, PICK is also famous for their tasty soft serve ice cream with any topping of your choice!

Location: Grand Plaza


ubOn is famous for serving mouthwatering Thai flavors, but now the restaurant has expanded their flavors to include dishes from Southeast Asia. You can find ubOn in the trendy SoKu district surrounded by beautiful greenery, promising a cozy and serene atmosphere.  We recommend trying their Sriracha Chicken, Bangkok Beef, Sesame Salad, Pink Curry Noodles, and Yellow Curry!

Location: SoKu 


Developed by Kuwaiti Chef Khalid AlBaker, On the Roto is a wood-fired rotisserie known to serve the juiciest chicken in town, both on and off the bone (they serve beef too, if you’re not that into chicken). From shawarmas and flatbreads to amazing appetizers and desserts, your visit to ROTO will definitely be worthwhile.  

Location: 2nd Avenue

Basic Kuwait

While they’re known for their meal plans, Basic Kuwait also boasts a wide range of food, drinks, and dessert that are both delicious and healthy for you and your little ones.

Location: The Forum


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