6 Lunch Spots You Need to Try at The Avenues!

Written By The Avenues Insider

12 Sep, 2022

One of the many things Kuwait’s known for is the delicious selection of restaurants, and in The Avenues, we make sure to select the best for our visitors.

Are you coming to The Avenues, but you have no idea what to eat? Gathering with your friends and family and you need suggestions? Well, we’ve decided to help. Here are 6 tasty cuisines recommendations that will not disappoint. 

Baraka Functional Food Restaurant

If you’re in the mood to travel but can’t, you could visit Baraka Functional Food Restaurant instead for a fun staycation. Step into a tropical dream, where eating is beyond just delicious food, it’s a memorable experience.

PS: In addition to tasty dishes, you can also enjoy an incredible atmosphere with their hand massages and music nights every Wednesday! 


Grand Avenue, 1st Floor

Villa Fayrouz

A classic Lebanese restaurant that remains a go-to for all families, offering everything from grills to hot and cold mezze, it’s understandable why. With a welcoming atmosphere, stylish interior, and delicious Lebanese cuisine, Villa Fayrouz has earned its place as a favorite for lunch spots.  


2nd Avenue, Ground Floor


In the mood for Italian cuisine? Then Trapani is a must-try. Located in the Forum, you’ll find the beautifully decorated restaurant where we recommend their ‘outdoor’ area for an Al Fresco experience. Trapani offers everything from pasta and meat dishes to seafood and desserts, any of their dishes is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.


The Forum, Ground Floor


When you think of Ananas, you think of delicious ice creams and juices; but did you also know that they have delicious lunch options? Perfect as a grab-and-go option when you’re on the run, Ananas will surprise you with a wide range of lunch options that you will love!

📍 The Forum, Ground Floor 


Cardamom Club

Located in Grand Avenue, Cardamom Club is a North Indian experience with stunning interiors, friendly staff, and most importantly, mouth-watering food! You’ll be able to choose dishes like their Lamb Shank, Jumbo Prawn Cardamom, Marinated Zubaidi, and so on, for an explosion of tastes and spices in your mouth!

📍 Grand Avenue, Ground Floor


Making its way from London to Kuwait, the much-anticipated Abuelo has recently (and finally) opened in The Forum district. The Australian-meets-South American coffee house and kitchen serves clean and fresh-produced meals that are delicious and beautiful to look at!

📍 The Forum, Ground Floor


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