Don't Miss Out on The Avenues Carnival 2023!

Staying in Kuwait this month? Don’t miss out on this event.

Written By The Avenues Insider

25 Jul, 2023

In a week filled with fun shows and exciting performances, The Avenues brings to you the Avenues Carnival 2023!

The Avenues is hosting 11 of the most renowned street artists from all around the world for 9 days of exciting and unique interactive performances that you and your family will love!  

So, if you’re staying in Kuwait in July, you can’t miss out on these amazing family-friendly shows that will start on July 20th until July 29th!

Keep reading to find out more about the 11 street performers, see you there!

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Edgar Groll Show – Argentina

You never know what surprises await you around the corner. With humor and fantasy, Edgar dazzles his audience: spinning balls at incredible heights, cycling on the tiniest bike in the world, hypnotizing all those around with crystal balls and even playing the clarinet while riding a giraffe unicycle.


Gaku – Japan

If you haven’t already seen this TikTok sensation’s video performances, then you cannot miss his performance at The Avenues Carnival! Tokyo native busker Gaku’s show mixes juggling and drumming for a fun experience that you and your little ones will enjoy


Jason Escape - USA

Watch Jason Escape, bound in a straitjacket and rope, attempts to escape while suspended upside down, 20 feet above the Earth. Jason mixes comedy, escapology, and superb showmanship while dazzling audiences with an amazingly interactive show. Mr. Escape will entertain you with his quick wit and unique style of humor, you'll be smiling as you watch this death-defying stunt in awe!


Kozo Kaos – New Zealand

Kozo is known for his versatile, high octane live shows. His diverse skills and abilities span across multiple disciplines like juggling, magic, and circus stunts with elements of danger and Rock ‘n’ Roll, keeping you on the edge of your seat! 


Mr. Tartuffo – Chile

Get ready for the juggler, unicyclist, magician, eccentric comedian, and extroverted Mr. Tartuffo! He will keep you on your toes with his creative, interactive shows which combines juggling, balance, magic, and comedy, turning the show into an unforgettable and funny experience. 


Popcorn Break – Italy

Fancy watching a fun show while eating popcorn? Well Riccardo Rosato’s “Popcorn Break” show will not disappoint. “Popcorn Break” is a storytelling performance, which tells the story of a popcorn seller who’s tired of his job and has bigger dreams. His popcorn crackles in his hand and turns into juggling objects. However, his show needs an audience who he invites to participate and recite his story. 


Rolando Rondinelli – Italy

Enjoy the interactive performances by Ronaldo Rondinelli, where he will be wowing visitors with not one, but TWO shows! His first show, El Teatrero, is all about satire, improvisation, and comedy, and the second show, Tip Tap Pum, is a musical show of physical theater and tap-dance! In both shows, you can expect to have an amazing time. 


Yee Lai – Hong Kong

Yee Lai promises a fascinating flow arts performance, LED show, and a fire dance with combinations of fun circus skills that will keep you and your little ones hooked the entire time! 



It’s a statue character that looks like it’s made from wood! WoodenMan is interactive and plays around with his poses, he draws boards around and allows audience to participate in the most exciting live drawing session! 


The Gnomes

Don’t miss out on these mystical creatures walking around The Avenues! The Gnomes will be there to say hi to your kids and take pictures with them for unforgettable and magical memories. 


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