Editor’s Picks: Restaurants & Cafes of The Month at The Avenues.

Find out which restaurants our Editors are loving this month!

Written By The Avenues Insider

30 Jul, 2023

As a team, we take our food very seriously and we’re constantly on the lookout for great food.

In this series, we’re sharing our picks of 5 restaurants & cafes that we’ve been loving this month and that we know you will too!


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“My friends go to Turkey often, so everyone was excited when they found out Namli Gurme was opening at The Avenues. I’m a big fan of Turkish food, so I decided to try their breakfast, the Namli Gurme breakfast. Let me just say, you cannot miss their food! It truly tastes like a piece of Turkey, every single item there was great. The best part is, they also sell a selection of Turkish sweets and condiments which you can find there exclusively.”

Location: 1st Avenue – Ground Floor 


“Working at The Avenues means I eat, a lot… and it isn’t always healthy. Even though BASIC Kuwait offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I love it most for breakfast! I start my day with one of their green juices, their egg & cheese in brioche toast, and banana bread for a sweet snack. I cannot recommend this place enough, absolutely delicious!”

Location: Forum – Ground Floor 



“When I’m in the mood for Italian cuisine, I always go to San Marco Roma. I’ve been loving their Potato & Truffle Cream Pizza. Aside from the delicious dough and spiced baked potato, it’s definitely their rich truffle cream that steals the show. So good!”

Location: Grand Avenue 


“When we have a family outing, our go-to Lebanese restaurant for the past few months has been Em Sherif. Everything from its spacious location to its delicious food has made it quickly become a family favorite. It’s really hard to choose just one favorite dish, but I completely recommend their Taouk – it’s just heavenly.” 

Location: The Gardens 


“I was in the mood for Kuwaiti cuisine a few weeks ago and decided to try Queezeen. Even though it’s not authentic, it truly hits the spot. I recommend trying the Jreesh and the Warak Enab Cake – they’re indescribable.”

Location: The Gardens


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