Everything You Need to Know About Zahy, the Ultimate Wedding Expo.

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Written By The Avenues Insider

18 May, 2023

While your wedding might be the happiest night of your life, it is also one of the most stressful events to plan for – but it doesn’t have to be if you have everything you’ll need under one roof, right? The Avenues’ latest event, ZAHY Expo, is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your wedding essentials, from the “dazzah’ and wedding dress down to your accessories and pre-wedding pampering.

ZAHY Expo will take place from May 18th until May 27th in the 2nd Avenue in area facing Sephora, you can check out The Avenues App to find the exact location and where to park. So, keep reading to find out what you can expect to find at the ZAHY Expo this week!

(PS: There will be special surprises waiting for you when you visit the booths!)


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Who’s Participating in ZAHY Expo 2023?


The Dazzah

You’re getting engaged, everything is going smoothly, and your fiancé is about to give you your dowry… don’t you wish that step was easier? Well, Bank Boubyan decided to do something about it. For the first time in Kuwait, Bank Boubyan now offers the “Dazzah” card! Instead of using cash or checks, men can now deposit the dowry and engrave their and their bride’s first names on the card. That’s not all, the card will have a range of exclusive benefits and offers that offer the bride’s preparations for her wedding. So run to their booth to find out more!


Wedding Planning

Okay, you’re engaged, and you’ve set a wedding date…now what? We recommend as a first step looking at an event or wedding planner, like Gizele. While you can definitely plan your own wedding, having the guidance of event experts can make your wedding journey a lot smoother and less overwhelming. 

The Wedding Venue

First things first, where are you having your wedding? Believe us when we tell you that the venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making – it affects almost everything else. With that being said, how about Waldorf Astoria? You’ll be able to check different venue options at the luxurious 5-star hotel to choose from along with prepared packages. 



The Catering

Your wedding will essentially be the largest dinner party you’ll ever host, so it should obviously be a key aspect of your wedding preparations. So how do you feed hundreds of invitees? By choosing trustworthy caterers, like Waldorf Astoria and Adore who will be offering special and delicious catering packages for your big night.


Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding night is all about you, so you should feel like a princess. That’s why the wedding dress needs to be nothing less than perfect. Participants Hera and Aura will boast many different options for you to choose from, but one thing is certain, the wedding dress of your dreams will be there.


Your Wedding Jewelry

Now that you have your perfect wedding dress, you’ll need to make sure you sparkle! The ever-so-elegant Zen Diamond will have a wide range of diamond selections to truly turn you into a princess! 


The Flowers

While you might overlook the flowers at your wedding, we believe that having the right flower arrangement can greatly elevate your venue and add that special touch of magic! Maison De Fleurs is known for its stunning flowers and flower arrangements, so don’t forget to pass by their booth!

The Nitty-Grittys

The Expo will also have the details you may often overlook, but that are equally important. Participants such as Aqua, Dune, Inglot, Layaliline, and Ibraheem AlQurashi will have everything from perfumes and makeup to accessories and chic loungewear.


The Pre-Wedding Pampering

Congratulations, you’re almost done planning and the hard work is over. Now it’s time to focus on pampering yourself! That’s why you cannot miss NEOCARE, the beloved clinic will have wedding packages ready for you to choose from and we can promise you this: you will not regret choosing one. 


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