Feel Good With Rituals Cosmetics Relaunched Home Collections

Transform your house into a home


16 Oct, 2021

Discover mindful living by transforming your house into a home with Rituals Cosmetics’ new and improved Classic Home Collections. Our luxury fragrance sticks and scented candles have undergone a brilliant transformation with a new unique ribbed glass design, offering a classic addition to any room in your home. And what’s more, the fragrance sticks now hold more of your favourite fragrance!


Your home is where you should feel good, no matter what. It is the one place that should nurture your well-being at all times, as a reflection of your truest self. Fill your home with love and attention, and discover the beauty of our signature home fragrances and candles, especially designed to help transform your house into a home. Look to our range of luxury home fragrances, scented candles and kitchen essentials to create a welcoming atmosphere and sense of well-being that welcomes you as soon as you open the door.

The extensive range of exclusive Home products relaunches. From the Ritual of Sakura, to the Ritual of Hammam, all your 6 favorite classic fragrances will be available in this stunning new ribbed glass design. Rituals is also proud to announce the sustainable improvements these collections come along with. These improvements include the introduction of all-glass fragrance sticks bottles, completely transparent refill bottles, as well as the secondary packaging of the fragrance sticks being made of carton. All these elements are easier to recycle, which is crucial for a more sustainable product life cycle.


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