6 Restaurants For Seafood Lovers at The Avenues

A sea of delicious and fresh options!


07 May, 2023

With Kuwait's history and special relationship with the sea, it wouldn't be a surprise to know that it boasts some of the best seafood restaurants and dishes around, the good news is, you can also find them at The Avenues! 

Do you prefer sushi? shrimps? salmon? Whatever you crave, you'll find a sea of options on our list. So, let's dive right into the 6 restaurants with delicious seafood dishes.



Let's begin with an authentic Kuwaiti seafood restaurant, Midar. The beloved restaurant offers a fresh and diverse selection of dishes such as seabass, muttabag zubaidi, shrimp dawood basha, and many others! In addition to its delectable menu, Midar is also located in our greenest district, The Gardens! If that wasn't enough, you'll also enjoy exquisite service and an elegant interior decorated in shades of beige. 

Location: The Gardens


Another Kuwaiti restaurant option because Kuwaiti cuisine is delicious! Although not a seafood restaurant, Khaneen's seafood menu does not disappoint with options such as murabyan and shrimp biryani. Located in The Souk, you'll also be enjoying this delicious food while experiencing a traditional atmosphere. 

Location: The Souk

Wok N Roll

This one's a treat for Asian food lovers. The one and only, Wok n Roll, has recently opened in The Avenues, satisfying all your sushi cravings! With a wide selection of sushi, noodles, soup, and many others, you're sure to have an incredible experience. 

Location: 2nd Avenue - First Floor


If you haven't tried Masgouf yet, you're missing out. This beloved Iraqi restaurant boasts a wide range of seafood dishes that promise to satisfy all your cravings! You can find dishes like Spiced Oil Shrimp and Grilled King Prawns which are spiced and cooked to perfection! 

Location: The Gardens

Kashounat Al Bait

Kashounat AlBait is a Kuwaiti restaurant located in the Souk district, you will travel back in time to experience traditional interiors, delicious seafood, and incredible service! The restaurant is also perfect for bigger groups, so bring your friends and family and enjoy Mutabbaq Hammour, Kashouna Shrimp Hamsa (highly rated!), and Momawash Shrimp Tary. 

Location: The Souk

Shrimp House

Last but definitely not least, Shrimp House! The restaurant includes some of your favorite seafood dishes with a delicious modern twist such as Cajun Fish and Chips, Sea Rocco Salad, Dynamite Shrimp, Shrimp Bao, and many others! 

Location: First Floor - 2nd Avenue 


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