Ghala Al-Enzi: My Love for Kuwait Is the Reason Behind My Achievements

Written By The Avenues Insider

26 Sep, 2021

Ghala Homood Al-Enezi, a young 17-year-old marvel whose talents have helped her reach international success. The story began when she was 12 years old, she achieved success by winning numerous awards in different fields and most recently, Ghala has won the award for ‘Best Internationally Specialized Programmer’! 

A firm believer in the power of reading and writing, she explains their importance and their role in her success. Ghala has also founded 'Fasaha', the first Kuwaiti team that supports the use of the Arabic language, she also advises her generation to stick to their mother tongue.  

The Avenues Insider team met with the talented Ghala Al-Enzi for an exciting interview to find out more about her journey and achievements, and the reason behind everything she does, her love for Kuwait: 

1. ‘Best Internationally Specialized Programmer’, that’s a big title for such a young age, tell us more the programing competition that was held in India: 

During the coronavirus pandemic, I made it a goal to develop myself in all fields during my self-learning journey including technical programming and robotics, and after mastering these areas and obtaining several certificates from International Universities, most notably Harvard University and Leeds University, I wanted to test myself in the  field of programming and searched for International competitions in programming, that’s where I found the technical programming competency competition for young people organized by the Programming Club in India, so I participated as a desire to measure my programming skills. And indeed, I won the Best Internationally Specialized Programmer competition.

  2. How did you get started?

I started very young. Both my parents are firm believers in the importance of education, and so I started reading and writing at a very young age. I entered first grade already knowing how to read and write well, which made me feel special compared to my classmates. I then participated in Arabic competitions and achieved first place in school, then the educational district, then on a national level and finally on an international level. 

3. What aspects do you think helped you achieve what you have so far?

Reading was my biggest motivation; books are my best friends, and the pen is my weapon, because when you’re a reader, that means you’re keen on culture, elegance and becoming better. Scientific research also had an important role in developing many of my skills, and finally my own will and passion in being special and excelling.

4. Tell us about the role of your parents in your journey

    My mother was my support system during the difficult times, and my source of guidance and peace. As for my father, he was always keen on giving me valuable advice which paved the way for success and distinction. 
Honestly, my parents’ role has been unmistakable. I became fluent because of my mother, who works as a legal advisor in the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the Council of Ministers, and precise from my father the Medical Surgeon.



5. You hold a first-place award in speaking Arabic, rhetoric, and reciting poetry... You also mentioned that you can pass exams at the level of a teacher and mentor without errors. How did you reach this level of professionalism?

   That is correct, through continuous training in grammar, syntax, rhetoric. I have gone through many stages of training until I gradually started reaching this stage. I still train until today; the Arabic language is a vast sea of expressions and meanings that no one can count.


6. Most of your peers prefer to speak English over Arabic, and some cannot properly speak Arabic, what would you advise them?

I advise them to learn their mother tongue first. I believe that the one who speaks his mother tongue is the educated person, not the one who clings to the language of the West. We do not prevent learning and mastering other languages, but we’re against not being proficient in the mother tongue, not being proud of it, and believing that those who only speak other languages are considered intellectual. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to @fasaha.kwt that I formed which is an eloquence team and part of Joud Charitable Society; it is considered the first Kuwaiti team to support the Arabic language by young adults! Check out our account to participate in our activities. 


7. What other awards have you received?

Most notably, I won first place in the Arab world in the competition of classical speaking, rhetoric, poetic recitation, and a deep study of grammar; I won second place and a silver medal in the Arabian Gulf and Yemen in the Arabic Language competition; In addition, I also won a first-place award in the Baraem Arab Literature Competition by Dr. Sheikha Suad Al-Sabah in Kuwait, and finally the first place in the Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain Youth Competition in Kuwait.


8. You previously said that companies from India contacted you to adopt your talent in programming, why did you reject the offers?

Because I want to harness my skills and energy for the benefit of my country Kuwait to repay her for all the blessings she’s given me. All my talents, awards, and abilities are for Kuwait, my source of pride.  

9. Do you feel that you did not live a normal childhood because of your research and studies?

On the contrary. On holidays, I enjoy my time and go about my life as normal as everyone else, as well as on regular days! The only difference is time-management: I make time to study, read, research, and develop my skills, and time for fun.

10. Despite excelling in programming and the literary field, why do you intend to study medicine?

Because medicine is a humanitarian profession, and when I specialize in medicine, I can enter the field of programming in modern medicine. But I would never forget my love for the Arabic language, it is my first passion and my starting point.


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