Written By H&M PR

22 Sep, 2021

We are leaving the summer behind and begin to feel the first glimpse of fall. Start the season with a fresh mind and turn the bedroom into a soothing and functional multipurpose space. Make it warm, decluttered and calm with our crafted objects and stylish storage solutions or decorate it for rest and recreation with elegant bedding and charming, luxurious details, such as our black and white cushion cover in crisp organic cotton and our new wall-hung headboard in rattan with a frame made with FSC certified shorea wood. 


Make a great first impression with new stylish storage for your hallway. Baskets are the perfect first step to a decluttered entrance, and our new hook shelf holds your clothes as well as the small objects you need to have in reach before you head out the door. Use a basket as a catch-all box for your keys and sunglasses and place your scarves and gloves in our new wall organisers.


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