How Did Burgerfi Fit Into My Lifestyle and My Diet?

A testimony by Austrian Business Development Group Regional Business Development Manager, Kevin Delaplace Haro, on how BurgerFi fits into his lifestyle and diet.

Written By BurgerFi PR

30 Oct, 2021

Founded in 2011 in Florida, USA, BurgerFi was established to democratize healthy, hormone and antibiotic-free burgers. 

Arrived in Kuwait in 2016, this goal translated into becoming the first burger joint in Kuwait for several years, offering A-Grade Angus beef.

As a fitness lover who loves trying new ways to conduct a healthier lifestyle without compromising the meals I love, BurgerFi became the answer!

I went through different diet types, and BurgerFi’s options catered to all of them! If you follow a Keto diet, BurgerFi has you served with their Green Style burgers averaging 40g of protein for 3g of net carbs. 


Vegetarian? No problem! Containing a succulent homemade veggie patty, the VergeFi burger has no trans-fat, provides you with 28% of your daily value fiber, and still gets you 18g of vegetarian protein!

If you are vegan and, like me struggled with your protein consumption and bumping up your calorie’s intake, the Beyond Burger is made for you! With 33g of protein and 732 calories, the Beyond Burger is the perfect ally if you want a “cheat meal” without compromising with your diet.

BurgerFi is all about lifestyle. Your lifestyle, your burger!

Finally, I had the chance to meet several health-conscious parents who coincidently shared with me that BurgerFi was the only burger joint they go to when their children have their weekly burger cravings.

To conclude, just try it for yourself and join the movement!


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