Intersport Celebrates Ahmad Al-Nasrallah at The Avenues

Written By The Avenues Insider

18 Oct, 2021

After the publishing of The Avenues Insider’s interview with Ahmad Al-Nasrallah, we were very excited to have Intersport reach out to show their support and celebrate Ahmad. If you remember, we highlighted Ahmed for his numerous talents, ambitions, and achievements, and upon reading about his love for basketball, they decided to gift him a full basketball outfit: A shirt, pants, and shoes! 


When asked about reaching out, Intersport explained: “The Intersport brand is keen to always support young talents in Kuwait of all groups and ages. This is done by providing all the requirements and needs as much as possible for a large number of popular sports in the State of Kuwait.”

As for Ahmad Al-Nasrallah, he expressed his reaction to the support:

“When I got the call saying Intersport wanted to show support, I was very excited because I did not expect it! The gifts were great, I wore them as soon as I got home, and they made me feel really handsome. But it was the support that I was most grateful about.”


The Avenues Insider believes in the importance of supporting talents in Kuwait, especially young talents, and strives to create a platform to celebrate their journeys and achievements.


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