Make Sure Your Kids Have the Best Winter Break at The Avenues!

Parents! make this winter break count.

Written By The Avenues Insider

20 Dec, 2023

Hello Insiders, it’s finally winter break! Even if you’re not traveling (maybe you’re having a staycation?), it doesn’t mean that your kids won’t have fun. We’ve put together a complete guide for all the fun things you can do at The Avenues to make sure you and your kids have the best winter break ever.


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Attend The Avenues Sky

Winter break couldn’t have come at a better time, because you’ll be able to take them to The Avenues Sky! Our annual outdoor event promises great food, fun games, and the coziest atmosphere.

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Bring their Friends to Play

The Avenues is filled with fun spots to play in! Here’s a list below that your kids will love (you could play with them too!). Click here to read about them! 

·       QUEST

·       TekZone

·       Fun Zone

·       VR Mania

·       Below Zero

·       Kdooz

·       KidZania

·       Kidztopoia

·       Magic Planet

·       Superpark

·       Putup

·       Mega Fun

·       Mini Bounce


Read their Favorite Books

This break is the perfect opportunity to encourage your kids to read more. If you’re looking for libraries, The Avenues has three: Aafaq Bookstore, That Al Salasil, and Jarir Bookstore. They include Arabic and English books, school supplies, arts & crafts, as well as toys & kids learning.

Watch the Latest Movies

Invite your kids’ friends and take them out for a movie night in either Cinescape or VOX Cinema (depending on what’s closer to you), where you’re sure to find the latest movies/cartoons that your kids love and get them popcorn and snacks - you can still catch Willy Wonka, Wish, and Migration!

After the movies, if you’re in the mood for a meal, both cinemas have loads of delicious restaurants and cafés to check out. 

Buy Amazing Toys

It’s never a bad idea to buy your kids new toys. Looking for Barbie, OMG Dolls, Hot Wheels, LEGO, board games, and so much more? We have it all here! Here’s a list of stores where you’ll find everything trendy and fun that your kid will enjoy.

·       Fantasy World, 2nd Avenue

·       UFFF, 2nd Avenue

·       LEGO, 2nd Avenue 

·       Build a Bear, 2nd Avenue 

·       Game Store, 1st Avenue  

Eat at their Favorite Restaurant

When it comes to food, The Avenues always got you covered. You can check out The Avenues website or The Avenues App to find a list of restaurants to choose from for your kid; whatever they’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at The Avenues.

Click here to check out 8 restaurants we recommend for your little ones!


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