Moment of Silence

Written By Richa Soni

26 Oct, 2022

There are people who stay silent in sorrow. Just so their loved ones don’t feel disturbed to see them sad, they keep things to themselves.

Life is strange- when one is happy, people come and participate, but when one is depressed, people do not care.

Most people from our generation are struggling in their lives, be it for career, health or for any other reasons. And they do not discuss their battles because everyone else also seems to be going through the same cycle.

It is hard to stay mute when we give up, being unable to find a solution to our problems. Because not talking about our issues with our families makes us feel suffocated. We do not somehow understand what to do- how to overcome it. And when this happens, we sulk more and our dejections sometimes take us the wrong path.

In my opinion, we should write off our silence to brawl our battles with a strong voice. We should break the chain and start encouraging people to discuss their issues with their loved ones who can guide them in a better way and find the best solutions for them when they can’t!

Photo Credit : Nicole Michalou

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Richa Soni is a 32-year-old writer from India living in Kuwait. She has cerebral palsy, which is a neurological disorder in which motor skills and muscle tone are affected, and yet Richa has never allowed it to stop her from pursuing her dreams. From graduating with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) to now writing in her own blog, Richa is a true example of persistence.

Richa enjoys adventurous activities, and in the following article, she describes the feeling of going on a rollercoaster, and why it's more than just a fun and thrilling activity, but also a good way to face your fears!  


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