Mother's Day Gift You Can Find at The Avenues

Written By The Avenues Insider

17 Mar, 2024

This year’s Mother’s Day is extra special since it’s during the Holy month of Ramadan, thus we had to think extra hard to find the perfect gift for this precious occasion.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift to become your mother’s favorite child, then check out our curated list of Mother’s Day gifts! 

A Precious Gift for the Most Precious One

Mother’s Day is once a year, but jewelry is forever. Jewelry is a gift that symbolizes someone’s worth, and what better way to show your mother how much you love her if not by adorning her in jewelry?

If you’re wondering where to go, The Avenues is filled with the perfect options:

  •       Boutique Zone: The Avenues has an entire spot for gold jewelry!
  •        Blue Diamond: The Mall
  •       Damas: 2nd Avenue, The Mall
  •        Jawhara: 1st Avenue
  •       Messika: Prestige
  •        Zoughaib Jewelry: 2nd Avenue  
  •        Roberto Coin: Prestige

A Special Iftar

Since it’s Ramadan, it’s only right to invite your mother to a special iftar, either with family or just the two of you, in one of the restaurants at The Avenues!

Here is a suggested list:

  •       Angelina: Prestige, First Floor
  •       Bebal: 2nd Avenue, Ground Floor
  •       Eataly: Grand Plaza, Ground Floor
  •       Em Sherif: The Gardens, First Floor
  •        Masgouf London: The Gardens, First Floor 

A Pamper Session

A pamper session is always a good idea, who can say no to some self-care? Whether it’s to give her a break during Ramadan or to get her ready for her Eid glow, she’ll love you a little extra for it.

  •          Massage: Herbal Spa or Spa Time
  •          Facial: Neocare Clinic (is she getting ready for her Eid glow? Check out this article!)
  •         Teeth Cleaning: Neocare Dental Clinic or Aline
  • Manicure/Pedicure: VaVaVoom

A Beautiful New Scent

Who doesn’t love perfume? A new scent is an easy yet thoughtful gift idea – so she could remember you every time she uses it!

A New Outfit for Eid

Eid is coming, and surely your mother will need a new outfit – so why not take her shopping for a new Eid outfit? She’ll surely find the perfect outfit at The Avenues! You could check out Adolfo Dominiguez' new Eid Collection as one of the options. 

Shopping tip: don’t forget to use the in-mall Taxi for an extra treat!

For the Love of Art

If you already didn’t know, The Avenues Gallery is now open in SoKu! If your mother is an art enthusiast, then check out the gallery for some of the best local art in Kuwait!

Go on a Movie Date

If you and your mom enjoy watching movies together, then you should go on a movie date, but make it extra! VOX’s Theater is nothing short of a special and luxurious experience – you’ll watch your favorite movie, in a comfortable chair, eating a proper meal cooked by a Michelin-star chef… what more could you need? 


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