The New Normal: Shopping Etiquette During Corona

Written By The Avenues Insider

23 Sep, 2021

The art of etiquette is not limited to teaching you how to deal with others, eat in public, or the rules of social gathering, it also includes most aspects of life including shopping, which is why shopping safely has become necessary in order to enjoy shopping in stores rather than resorting to online shopping. And because The Avenues is one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in Kuwait, we were keen to learn about the rules and etiquette of shopping in The Avenues, especially in light of the pandemic. 



We contacted Etiquette and International Protocol trainer, Latifa Al-Loughani, who shared that shopping etiquette was one of the most widespread arts applied due to the spread of the pandemic, in which some of the imposed measures have also become part of shopping etiquette, namely:

1.    Maintain a simple look and a neat appearance while shopping.

2.    Avoid bringing any type of food or drink when entering any store.

3.    Wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth throughout your visit in the Avenues.

4.    If accompanied by children, hold their hands, and do not leave them behind, so that they do not cause any sort of inconvenience for other shoppers.

5.    Agree to pay using a bank card if asked to by the shop.

6.    In the event that visitors are prohibited from sitting on any of the seats or restaurants in the Avenues, adhere to the rules.

7.    Maintain a distance of two meters between yourself and other shoppers while waiting for the queue to enter the store or complete the payment process.

8.    Cooperate with the shops’ employees and do not object to the number of people allowed inside the shop or elevator nor force yourself in.

9.    Ensure to throw used masks in the designated areas for disposal.  

Latifa Al-Loughani stressed that while wearing a face mask is necessary, shoppers must also use hand gestures when communicating with others, explaining “when you run into people you know while shopping, it is preferable to use hand gestures in order to maintain social distancing”. She adds that elbow bumping is not an appropriate way to greet one another during this pandemic and that the best way to greet someone is by closing your hands together while interlacing the fingers, along with nodding and smiling.


Shopping is undoubtedly an exciting experience for many, as shoppers enjoy the touch of new fabrics, the feel of new shiny shoes, the excitement of beautiful accessories, and the overall happiness of having bought new items! This is why applying shopping etiquette will ensure an enjoyable and safer experience, especially during this pandemic.  


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