The Avenues Provides “Justice” Self-Service Machines

Written By The Avenues Insider

23 Sep, 2021

Within the framework of the Ministry of Justice's strategy to enhance the services it renders in order to save time and effort and process transactions easily and conveniently, the Ministry added self-service devices in The Avenues. These devices provide the judicial inquiry service, including travel bans, arrest warrants, summonses, and cases brought from and against the inquirer, in addition to expert inquiry service including procedures, sessions, achievements and fees.

The self-service devices also provide certification service without the need to refer to the concerned departments and sectors within the Ministry. These certificates include operative certificates of the total court ruling, appeal, discrimination, clearance of acquittal, certificate of obtaining appeal and discrimination, in addition to the ability to pay for everything related to expenses, rents, fines, fees, seizure, and travel ban.


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