The Avenues Provides Rooms for Nursing and Childcare

Written By The Avenues Insider

23 Sep, 2021

The Avenues provides mothers and their babies, especially infants, with services that help them enjoy an interesting shopping experience, without having difficulty caring for their children and providing them with their needs.

In support of breastfeeding, The Avenues provides nursing rooms to help mothers shop and care for their babies at the same time.

It has become easy for mothers who are nursing or want to change their babies’ diapers to access the nursing rooms, which are distributed throughout The Avenues.

All procedures and requirements that suit mothers and their babies were taken into consideration to provide them with a comfortable and appropriate environment, where nursing and diaper changing rooms are special, clean, warm and safe environment with good lighting and comfy seats. The rooms also include a changing table, a water faucet, soaps and napkins. 


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