Choose the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones!

From baby showers to anniversaries, this is your ultimate gift guide!

Written By The Avenues Insider

22 Dec, 2022

Getting a loved one a gift is not an easy task, but as obsessive shoppers who know The Avenues inside out, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about gift-giving. So whether you’re visiting a friend or acquaintance’s home for the first time, going to your bestie’s baby shower, looking for the perfect gift for your parents, or even for yourself (because why not?), we’ve got you covered with our ultimate gift guide for any occasion.

Visiting Someone's Home for the First Time

Your favorite coworker just invited you to their place for the first time, surely you won’t go empty-handed! So, what can you get? You can never go wrong with sweets from Nagwa, another idea is getting something for the house, like Dr. Vranjes’ Fuoco Gift Box, which includes their iconic diffuser enclosed in a refined black limited-edition box. 

Your Bestie’s Baby Shower

Your BFF is about to give birth and you’re about to become a favorite aunt! (mothers’ best friends are considered aunts too, FYI). So where do you go? Luckily, you have a number of options at The Avenues – check out the baby outfits from Mamas and Papas, they’re so adorable they’ll give you baby fever! We also have a whole list of products you could buy specifically for newborns, read all about it here.


'Tis the Season!

It's almost 2023! So, if you’re in the giving spirit and you’re getting your loved ones or coworkers gifts for that occasion, you need to check out Marks and Spencer’s range of delicious holiday biscuits! Or if you want a more quirky gift then check out Virgin Stores, then you can go for a fun trivia game like their Talking Tables travel trivia cards for a fun after-dinner game with the entire group!

Your Anniversary

It’s been another happy year (hopefully) with your spouse, and it’s time to celebrate them! We know that getting the love of your life the perfect gift might be a little difficult, but we think we got a few cool ideas that you might love!

For Her
How about a weekend getaway in Waldorf Astoria? You could book for you and your wife their King Premier Rooms with their incredible city views and access to their exclusive Ikaros Club; you could also reawaken your senses with Waldorf Astoria’s Spa for an opulent experience and memorable anniversary!

For Him

We can agree that men are the hardest to get gifts for! If your husband is the type that prefers experiences, you could book a movie night at VOX, but not just any movie night, book specifically a movie at the THEATRE, where in addition to enjoying an intimate cinema experience with reclining leather seats, you can also enjoy a Japanese menu by Michelin-starred chef Akira Back, AND a call button for in-cinema waiter service…. Sounds like the perfect date for a man if you ask us! 


The 'Just Because' Gift

You don’t always need an occasion to gift your loved one, sometimes you just want to express your love and appreciation through something simple. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is helping them relax when you feel they’re stressed or just need a break, which is why a massage at Spa Time/Men Time or Herbal Spa is the perfect gift!


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