Treat Yourself to Delicious Chocolate on World Chocolate Day

Don't worry, calories don’t count today.

Written By The Avenues Insider

07 Jul, 2022

Do you love chocolate? Would you probably have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you could? Well, don’t we have the decadent treat for you!

On the occasion of World Chocolate day, The Avenues Insider team rounded up 7 chocolate spots for all you chocolate lovers to indulge.


Those who know quality chocolate, know about Läderach. The handcrafted Swiss chocolate was founded in 1962 by Rudolf Läderach, and since has become one of the finest chocolates in the world. Perfect for gatherings, you could never go wrong with Läderach

Location: Prestige- First floor 


Located in The Mall and known for their Belgian chocolate, Chocomelt is not to be missed by chocoholics. Make sure to also check out their new fresh summer flavors menu, which includes the Choco Flurry Bowl, it's cold and decadent with a little crunch! 

Location: The Mall - First floor 


Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

For those who could actually have chocolate for lunch, you could try Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar’s Fettucine Crepe– a sweet rendition of the actual fettucini pasta! But that’s not all they have, with delicious dishes ranging from mouth-watering cakes to different kinds of chocolate desserts! 

Location: The Forum 


Cioccolat Italiani

The Italian company promises an irresistible selection of chocolate dishes that will fill all your sweet tooth cravings. From delicious ice creams to pastries, Cioccolat Italiani will not disappoint!

Location: 2nd Avenue – Ground floor 

Godiva Café

Considered a global leader in premium chocolate, Godiva Café offers its sweet-toothed visitors an experience they will not forget. The café offers a range of products such as silky bars, rich cakes, refreshing ice creams, and heavenly drinks.

Location: Grand Avenue 

The Chocolate Bar

The OG chocolate spot for chocolate lovers. Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for good ole’ chocolate that you’re used to and that feels familiar, and Chocolate Bar’s classics such as their Hot Chocolate Cake and The Chocolate Bar’s Fondue never go out of style and will always keep you satisfied.    

Location: Grand Avenue


Last but not least, the ultimate chocolate haven. Using premium Belgian chocolate, there’s a reason why you could never try dipndip just once; with a wide selection of chocolate desserts and beverages – dipndip promises to make all your chocolate fantasies come true! 

Location: 2nd Avenue - First floor


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