5 Restaurants Perfect for Your Next Zwara!

Thinking of switching up your Zwara location? Check out these 5 options.

Written By The Avenues Insider

22 Aug, 2023

Zwara is beyond a weekly family hang, it’s laughs, memories, seeing your cousins and grandparents – it’s a comfort for your soul after a long week. And just like Zwaras, we think where you have your Zwara should reflect the same sentiments, and what better place than your second home in Kuwait?

That’s why we’re suggesting 5 restaurants that we think would be perfect for your next Zwara!


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Amiti Noura

Speaking of family vibes, here’s a restaurant that feels like stepping into your aunt’s house, and not just any aunt - this is your favorite aunt, who makes all your favorite delicious dishes! Other than the great food, Amiti Noura is also spacious enough to have your whole family in the most traditional district of The Avenues!

Location: The Souk

Em Sherif

In the mood for a different cuisine? You can’t go wrong with Em Sherif. Em Sherif was picked as one of our editors’ picks of the month of July – and for good reason! Other than being in our greenest district, you’re also enjoying some of the tastiest dishes in a beautiful interior.

Location: The Gardens 


You can’t hide the love people in Kuwait have for Turkish food, and we totally understand that love – Turkish cuisine is absolutely delicious! That’s why recommend trying Sutis. You’ll experience your Zwara in a Turkish atmosphere and have your tables decorated with your favorite dishes.

Location: The Souk


Masgouf London

If you and your family enjoy Iraqi food, then try Masgouf London. Also located in The Gardens, Masgouf offers a delectable menu with a wide range of your favorite dishes such as the Grilled Seabass and the Lamb Qouzi that are as tasty and are beautifully presented – a treat for your eyes and your tastebuds! You’ll en

Location: The Gardens

Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca is one of the most beloved restaurants in The Avenues, not only for its great and spacious seating area but also for its international cuisine – which means that it caters to everyone’s taste.

Location: 2nd Avenue


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