Here are 8 Vegan Dishes You Can Find at The Avenues

You won't believe they're vegan!

Written By The Avenues Insider

01 Nov, 2022

When we said The Avenues is your second home, we meant it is everybody's second home. Whether you're coming for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we can promise that you will find a vegan-friendly restaurant for you to enjoy. So here are 8 absolutely delicious vegan dishes that you can find at The Avenues. 


If you're in the mood for a burger but want something a little healthier, give Elevation's Vegan Burger a try! Their vegan patty is made up of organic whole grains, seasoned veggies, organic spices, and a whole lotta love.  For an even healthier option, skip the buns and order it lettuce-wrapped instead. 

Location: 2nd Avenue- First Floor


COSTA COFFEE- Vegan Shawarma

Shawarma is a staple in Middle Eastern Cuisine, but just because you're vegan, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy good shawarma. Enters COSTA's Vegan Shawarma: filled with spiced plant-based meat, creamy tahini sauce, pickled cucumber, parsley, and tomatoes. this sandwich is perfect for lunch and/ or dinner. Packed with flavor and spiced to perfection, you'll probably have this sandwich more than once.

Location: 2nd Avenue - First Floor, Grand Plaza

B+F - Vegan Nachos

Okay, hear us out... Vegan Nachos. The delicious vegan chili con carne, creamy cashew sour cream, fresh pomegranate, charred corn, and rich guacamole, the mixture of tastes and texture will create an explosion of flavors in your mouth! You can find this tasty dish in the recently opened B+F!

Location: The Forum 


BAKER & SPICE - Beetroot Bucatini

A delicious spaghetti is a classic dish and a hit with pasta lovers, which is why you should give Baker and Spice's Beetroot Bucatini a try. This eggless pasta is prepared from scratch, with spinach, curried chickpea, lemon zest, and toasted coconuts promising you a flavorful experience that will fill your pasta cravings.

Location: The Forum

BURGER KING - Plant-Based Royale

Burger King just made vegans' lives a whole lot easier, by introducing their Plant-Based menu! Check out their Plant-Based Royale topped with vegan mayonnaise, it is almost indistinguishable from the original Chicken Royale (yay!). If you thought that was great, Burger King also offers their plant-based meals for 1 KD only every Monday!

Location: 2nd Avenue, FOOD WORLD

EL&N LONDON - EL&N Acai Bowl

 For the early birds visiting The Avenues and looking for a filling and healthy (and vegan, obviously) breakfast, then head out to El&n Café located in Grand Avenue and try their El&n Acai Bowl which consists of fresh acai puree, crunchy granola, fresh berries, banana, and pistachio for a refreshing start to your day! (and maybe take a cute pic or two?)

Location: Grand Avenue

ROKA - Maki Rolls

If you didn't already hear, ROKA has recently opened its doors at The Avenues, and if you're a fan of Contemporary Japanese Robatayaki, we've got some good news for you: they have vegan options! Other than its sultry atmosphere and classy interiors, ROKA is known for exquisite food. If you visit them soon, give their vegan maki roll a try; with avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and wasabi peas, you're in for a journey of flavors!

Location: Waldorf Astoria, Prestige


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