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Written By The Avenues Insider

17 Mar, 2022

This month is all about women and their achievements, and because we believe that women need to be celebrated every day, The Avenues Insider spoke to five inspiring women who decided to follow their passion, break barriers, and start something new in Kuwait.

We asked about their beginnings, their journey, keys to success, and finally, we invited the women to share a few words of wisdom in hopes to inspire all women trying to make it happen.  

So, for all the entrepreneurial women with a dream and a vision, who just need a little nudge of inspiration, keep reading; we hope the stories of these incredible women inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us. 

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It takes a lot of courage for someone to quit a comfortable job with a steady income to create their own brand, but Evette Abou Samra, or Eve, took that risk, proving that with the right mindset, a clear vision, and a strong desire for success, you can achieve anything you want.

A brand builder, social media strategist, and the founder of The Real Real Nobody, she’s on a mission to empower and educate fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. 


With over 7 years of experience in the marketing and advertising field working with global pioneers, Evette’s had a successful career in the corporate world, and while she enjoyed her work, she felt something was missing.  

In her last corporate job as Country Manager, she had already started working with her clients in Qatar and was meant to relocate to expand the business and build her team, but life seemed to have other plans for her.

As she was preparing to relocate, she panicked: She knew this was not the right path for her, but she lacked clarity on her life and future. “All of a sudden, I wanted to go to Dubai and find a job there, and in hindsight, I was running away from the challenge of stepping up into my best self, my calling, my purpose. But life knew that it was time I put the hard work into building my dreams rather than helping others build theirs while I neglect myself. I do have the realization now, that life first nudges you and if you don’t understand, life will shake up your BEING for you to come into awareness and realization or else you will continue to suffer”.

But she knew one thing, she loved social media.

Coincidentally, she was connected to a life coach through a mutual friend to help her with her social media, and that’s when her journey began. 



Imagine leaving behind a steady income to follow your passion during COVID-19? That’s exactly what Eve did.   

“I never started my own business before, so this was new territory to me.”, shared Eve, but she believed in choosing the path that scared her the most, even though she did not have it all figured it out.

All Eve knew was, she had a blast creating social media content, and wanted to do more of it.

Using her vast experience, Eve created The Real Real Nobody, which is a global cloud agency where she uses her business and platform to empower business owners and marketeers by building their solid unshakeable foundations through customized brand building and social media strategies.

Since, she’s worked with businesses and brands in and out of Kuwait such as J’s Bakery, Breezyn Jewelry, By Nour AbdulIT SOCKS, amongst others.


Taking the brave decision to follow your passion was not easy, “will I be making a stable income? How can I have financial security? How can I get clients? Who’s going to believe in me?” said Eve, but she credits her life coach, Angie Gira, having a growth mindset, investing in herself, and always remembering why she started her business for helping her push through the fears.

“I invest a lot in myself, even at times where I was financially unstable like when I lost all my savings during COVID-19, I still took the risk to take workshops and programs with international coaches to grow myself and kickstart my business.”


“Remember that 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now, you will look back and be devastated for not trying to follow your heart and what YOU deep down feel the urge to be doing.”. The least you can do is try. There’s nothing wrong with failing! You wish the best for the people that you love, why not for you?”


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